The DS-CH-32-500
is an ideal solution for large scale USB charging challenges. Compact and durable, each charging port provides 500 mA of power, a charge comparable to most standard powered USB 2.0 ports.*

Powered by the best-in-class USB technology of Cambrionix and manufactured in the UK, this compact and durable station lets you avoid the need for a large number of dedicated chargers or USB hub devices and reduces the associated cable clutter and expense. It was designed for industrial use and the highest performance standards and is highly reliable.

It is equipped with a fault indicator to identify problem devices and each USB port is protected against ESD, over-voltage and over-current, meaning that a faulty USB device cannot damage the charging station and vice-versa. Devices which consume excess current are disabled leaving the non-faulty devices charging.

The DS-CH-32-500 provides stand-alone charging – no PC is required (unlike most consumer USB hubs), although it is not a "universal" USB charger.



               DS-CH-32-500 includes:

  • Cambrionix B2 USB charging board

  • upper and lower protection plates

  • a manufacturer-specified power supply suitable for use worldwide (meets Energy Star standards).




32 port USB hub for charging

iPhones , iPods and many other

USB devices


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* This is not intended as a universal USB device charger but it will provide standalone charging at the 500mA rate for most USB-powered devices. While the DS-CH-32-500 does not support fast-charge standards for devices such as iPads, it will charge them with a trickle charge that gives overnight charging for most applications (even if iPads do not display their charge status). It will also provide a 500 mA charge to many other USB devices. Some devices (such as certain cell phones and MP3 players) will not charge with this system because of specific aspects of their charging protocols. Contact us for details.
The DS-CH-32-500 should be used in a well-ventilated place to promote uninterrupted service.



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