Secure Transport Case for iPads

and Accessories

Model # DS-IP-TC-38


Our portable storage and security solutions offer efficient and affordable strategies for any iPad and tablet deployments. This transport case lets you to bring your new iPads or previous models (complete with charge capabilities) where they are needed, safely and securely.  The DS-IP-TC16 is perfect for trade shows, travelling labs, training centers, conferences and shared facilities.  It is made in the same style as many durable equipment cases. 

It safely stores and delivers up to
38 iPads (even when used in most protective cases), a MacBook™ or other notebook host, UL-listed power-strips with 38 power outlets, and space for the required cables.  If you need additional information, click here.


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  • Stores and secures up to 38 iPads (with or
    without protective cases)

  • Compatible with new iPad and all previous generations

  • Top handle pops up for easy transport

  • Two side handles make it easy to carry upstairs
    or onto a van

  • Storage for additional USB cables, MacBooks®
    or laptops

  • Hinged internal compartment contains power
    strips and stores iPad charging cables

  • Compartments are padded

  • Integrated key lock and padlock latch (lock not included)

  • Two outlet power strips with 38 accessible outlets

  • Four 3” high wheels

  • Dimensions: 24”W x 36”H x 24.5”H

  • Weight (empty): 76 lbs.


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