Charge and Sync Cart for iPad and Tablets

(holds 24 with or without cases)


















Model: DS-mini-IPCS-24U


        DS-mini-IPCS-24U features:

  • Secures, stores, charges and simultaneously syncs 24
    iPads™ through a USB connection to iTunes™ or Apple

  • Includes a certified USB cable to connect USB hub to
    MacBook™ or other host

  • Amazingly compact design takes up very little space and
    makes the cart easy to move

  • Innovative Gather ‘Round™ design allows teachers and
    students to access cart from both sides, increasing
    instructional time

  • Drill resistant, pick proof two point locking system

  • Retractable security door

  • Molded cord rewinder bracket; ABS fire-rated plastic dividers, individually removable (without tools)

  • 4” locking wheels (four swiveling; two locking)

  • Includes two state of the art, powered, universal USB hubs from Cambrionix, meeting all iPad specs for simultaneous charging or syncing using Apple-provided cables or their equivalent.  Works with new Lightning connector USB cables (not included). Hubs have unique user-upgradable firmware, making them future-proof

  • Includes one power supply 115/230 VAC; built in fan; UL listed and CE tested

  • Cabinet dimensions: 23 ¼” W x 28 ½” L x 33 ½ H”
    (length & height include extended handle)

  • Module dimensions: 1 1/8”W x 8 9/16”D x 11”H (adjustable)

  • Weight: 87 lbs.

   Note: Regulatory listings pending

“Gather ‘Round” is a trademark of Datamation Systems, Inc.   iPad and iTunes are trademarks of Apple, Inc.

Shown with 24 iPads


(iPads & USB cables not included)





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