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The new NETSAFE-IPCS is a secure desktop cabinet that charges and syncs up to 16 iPads or iPad2s with or without cases. Using the advanced intelligence of the Cambrionix USB board, this is the first sync-and-charge cabinet for iPads.

It provides storage and protection for a MacBook, which can be used to control the syncing process through iTunes. The cabinet is provided with a convenient USB pass-through jack and a certified USB cable to make the connection to the host.

It is a compact, affordable and secure solution. Click here for more information.

If syncing your iPads is not a daily task, our sync-and-charge solutions offer a suite of efficient and affordable strategies. When needed, they allow you to bring sync capabilities to your iPads (wherever they are) or bring your iPads to a sync station that is an effective shared resource.

This can save you money (in some cases tens of thousands of dollars), improving management control and security, and making the best use of scarce resources.





The DS-IP-SyncCharge is a desktop kit that provides sync-and-charge capabilities in a compact, easy-to-use form factor. An advanced Cambrionix intelligent USB board is mounted in a custom-made steel enclosure with a power supply, providing 16 USB ports for syncing and charging at the maximum rates for which iPads were designed. A two-button switch toggles between sync and charge modes.

You can use it to simultaneously sync 16 iPads or iPad2s using iTunes with a MacBook. Syncing is easy.

This kit is perfect for a tech center, help desk or library support depot.

It can be mounted on a counter or on an existing notebook cart or cabinet, turning your old storage station into a sync-and-charge station.

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The DS-IP-SyncCharge-Case lets you bring syncing to your iPads, the ultimate shared resource.

The DS-IP-SyncCharge kit (above) is mounted in a sturdy transport case that can be rolled or carried from room-to-room, wherever it is needed. Provided with a carry handle, shoulder strap and luggage wheels, the SyncCharge-Case lets a single syncing resource support multiple classrooms or multiple locations.

An optional set of extra USB-iPad cables is available.

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The DS-IP-49-SYNC provides a desktop station that lets you simultaneously sync up to 49 iPads (or other USB devices). Using a Mac, this can sync with iTunes or other software capable of addressing USB devices. (The device can work with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems but may have software limitations with a non-Mac host.)

For centralized management control, license/content management and technology deployments, this a great solution. A single station in a tech center, library or IT department can simultaneously sync 49 iPads. It can even be used for other USB devices such as USB-connected cell phones, scanners, etc .

Imagine rolling up cart-loads of iPads and syncing them at a single station – quickly and easily.

Combined with other charging and security solutions from Datamation Systems, the DS-IP-49-SYNC lets you create the most effective, affordable, convenient simultaneous syncing solution for your iPad and other USB device deployments.

[For iPods, this will both sync and charge the devices!]

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The DS-CH-32-500 provides a desktop station that lets you simultaneously charge up to 32 USB devices in a compact, durable and reliable system.  (See notes on connecting page for details and limitations.)

Combined with other charging and security solutions from Datamation Systems, this lets you create the most effective, affordable and secure solution for your iPod/iPod Touch devices and other USB-based technology deployments.

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To create a good system solution for your iPad syncing, you can also use the DS-IP-STAND-8, a simple desktop stand that holds eight iPads in position while they are being synced or charged. Two of these simple stands will accommodate the 16 iPad capacity of our SyncCharge kits.



For rack-style storage, the DS-IP-RACK-16 is an open wire rack that stores 16 iPads neatly on a desk.

Cables: We recommend you use the cables provided by Apple with each iPad to connect your iPads to the DS-IP-SYNCCHARGE. If you need cables to supplement these, be sure to use either an Apple-provided cable (USB-to-30-pin connector) or a cable that is not only USB 2.0 certified but meets Apple's specifications. Many inexpensive third party cables are either not durable enough for frequent charge and sync use or are not properly shielded or configured, which could affect the charge and sync function.

Datamation Systems offers a bundle of certified USB cables of a type we have had tested to assure their compliance with these standards. We encourage you to either purchase Apple-provided cables or order a set of 16 cables from Datamation Systems (DS-IP-CABLES-16).  Contact us for more information.


Secure The Latest Apple Equipment

We offer carts and cabinets to sync, charge and secure multiple iPods, iPads and even iPhones.  We also offer pads and security enclosures for your Mac Mini, Apple TV and even most iMacs.  If you need to charge multiple batteries, we have several solutions including chargers integrated with our security carts and cabinets.


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Carts and Cabinets

When notebook, tablet and netbook PCs are used in classrooms and training facilities, they are often vulnerable to theft and unauthorized use. Schools and businesses protect their valuable equipment in our laptop carts, cabinets and cases specifically designed to secure, transport and re-charge notebooks, tablets and subnotebooks.

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iPod Sync and Charge


Secure, charge and sync iPods


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